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Ben Franklin Speaks Management Seminars

This high energy motivational seminar brings Ben Franklin back to life to teach your employees The 12 Rules of Successful Management.

Ben FranklinThe seminar can be customized to fit into any time frame and can include client specific information. The music, audience interaction and hysterical humor will electrify your employees. Motivation + Message = Mission.

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Ben Franklin

Betsy Ross
Betsy Ross

Ben Franklin and Betsy Ross

Ben Franklin & Betsy RossDid you ever wonder what our most famous Founding Father would say about today's world?
In this interactive show, you can find our about history as Ben Franklin tells HIS story and the impact he has made on our lives.
This multi-media show can accommodate large and small groups. It is ideal for corporate gatherings, spouse programs, school programs, and reunions. The show can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your group. The show can be shortened or lengthened; audience participation can be increased or reduced; background sets can be large or small.

Ben Franklin & Betsy Ross are also available for Meet-and-Greets and Walkarounds. A personal appearance by Ben Franklin is perfect for 4th of July parties, President's Day sales, or election day promos.

Meet Ben Franklin - the Founding Father who winks at us!

Dreamland Productions offers several entertainment options that include Ben Franklin & Betsy Ross.

Ben Franklin Walk AroundBen Franklin Walk Around Meet & Greet

A fully costumed and historically accurate Ben Franklin can entertain your guests with portable experiments or charmingly funny stories about America past & present.

Ben Franklin Brain BrawlBen Franklin's Brain Brawl

The Brain Brawl is an interactive Game Show designed to reward students for academic excellence. This colorful show comes complete with sound systerm, digital scoring, lock out buzzers and zany sound effects. The prizes can be customized to create the perfect event for your school. This is the show where knowledge provides the biggest knockouts. This show can be performed for adults and corporations as well as students.

Betsy Ross Speaks!

Betsy Ross Speaks!

A fully costumed Betsy Ross entertains your guests with
charming stories and secrets about her life, and a lesson on making 5-pointed stars.

Betsy andthe Star Makers
Betsy and the Star Makers
Press: 2010 - Marion Landing